Alex Stewart


Hi to everyone! In this particular first post, I am going to present myself.
Who’s behind this nickname? A young man which is 24, called Alex Stewart, living in Denham, Buckinghamshire (England). As you can see through the blog’s title, I’m keen on videogames together with technology in general.
I played my first game 14 years back, and consequently from that moment I began to enjoy all of them. But just today I made a decision to begin a blog site about my passion. Exactly, why?

I’m trying to find somebody in the world, someone that enjoys PCs and also video games like me, that will read very carefully and happily all of my articles, due to the fact in the real world I haven’t got friends with whom to share my passion. I am not going to post randomly bullshit or perhaps something such as that, I want my visitors to follow me due to the true utility of my guides together with the news I provide you now and then. I promise on my own honour I won’t disappoint you!

Yep, this introduction article is quite short, however I hope you will follow me! Guides along with news will begin rolling out shortly, hence, stay tuned!

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