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being gay in Australia


being gay in Australia

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Hey there! The name's cat!(if you knew me prior to this name change, you can still call me by the name you like)

I'man aquarius and my birthday is february 16 (I am a minor)!

I'm agender (or genderqueer) and use they/them/their or ne/nem/nir pronouns (and I'm somewhat(??) okay with he/him/his tbh). Also I'm probably bi or pan idk

I'm mentally ill (pdnos (cluster b traits) and psychotic along with another bunch of shit I don't feel too comfortable mentioning) and autistic

I'm from Australia and I'm white afaik

my special interests include filmmaking and anything relating to the paranormal

I am kin! My kins include (in no order):

> alice liddell (american mcgee's alice series)

>raiden (metal gear solid)

> ghostkin

> scp-049 (scp foundation)

> eric (the crow)

> cat sidhe (celtic mythology)

> jessamine (dishonored)

> sam (the lost boys)

> shadowkin

Please tag tokophobia / childbirth, pedophilia, arachnophobia, incest, daddy kink, eye and/or body horror/trauma (if realistic and graphic)