being gay in Australia


being gay in Australia

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> my name is alex but I do go by any of my kin names too! (if you knew me prior to this name change, you can still call me by the name you like)

> I am aquarius and my birthday is february 16 (I am a minor)

> I'm agender and use they/them/their or ne/nem/nir pronouns

> I'm dating @nightopians

> I'm mentally ill (pdnos (cluster b traits) and psychotic along with another bunch of shit I don't feel too comfortable mentioning) and autistic

> I'm white and from australia

> my special interests include geology (lmao), filmmaking and anything relating to the paranormal

> kins include (in no order): alice (american mcgee's alice series), raiden (metal gear solid), ghostkin, scp-049 (scp foundation), eric (the crow), cat sidhe, jessamine (dishonored), sam (the lost boys), shadowkin

> blacklist: tokophobia, csa / cocsa / pedophilia, arachnophobia, incest, daddy kink, eye and/or body horror/trauma (if realistic and graphic)