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Alex Terwilliger

Congratulations to our winners of 5 Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW) Best in Business awards for 2010!
Thomson Reuters 23 Mar 2011Thomson Reuters

These wins demonstrate the success of our efforts in multimedia, commentary and enterprise reporting.

We had two winners in the category of Creative Use of Multiple Platform: The Frontier Markets web site (John Meehan, Claudia Parsons, Manuela Badawy, Danial Clark, Jeff Chen and the global team) won for the combined use of video, text, graphics and data to tell the story of countries with rapidly developing economies. The second was the iPad Teardown package (Gabriel Madway, Molly Riley, Greg Savoy, Richard Baum, Deborah Lutterbeck) won for its investigative reporting, live blog and visuals that peeled apart the iPad launch and identified its components

Breakingviews (team) won in the Opinion/Column category for its punchy and agenda-setting commentary sampling that looked at looked at economies, markets and companies.

Our 4-month investigation of Wellpoint (Murray Waas, Lewis Krauskopf and Jim Impoco), showed the health insurer targeted breast cancer patients to cancel their policies, was a winner in SABEW’s Investigative category. This was a example of how combing records, interviewing and analyzing materials can result in an agenda-setting story.

Jack Reerink, Reuters managing editor for the United States and Canada. “Your work really showed off our focus on agenda-setting, original reporting, and telling the story in the best way possible.”

Many congratulations to everyone involved!