Alex Thurley-Ratcliff

Writer, Editor, and Consultant in Southampton, United Kingdom

I've had a rewarding career in employee engagement and communication, I've learnt a lot and met some great people all around the world, which has been a privilege.

Now I'm building a different way of working - I'm as busy as ever, but I'm balancing paid work with new training, volunteering in environmental and community concerns and finding more time for creativity… So, we'll see how it goes!

I'm looking for part-time, interim and contract work at the moment, but open to discussing alternatives which don't fit the usual models too.

I have a wide range of skills and interests. Click on the link above and I can send you my CV, but that only gives you a flavour of what I can do and have done and I'm not limited by the past. I learn fast and I'm quick to research new fields, synthesising skills, knowledge and relationships to come up with new approaches.

I'm always keen to share ideas and talk about the future. If you are too, let's meet for a coffee or have a Skype chat...


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    • Freelance
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