Alex Timm

Hey im Alex Timm I play three main sports Football, Baseball, and Basketball. Next year im am starting on varsity as fullback my class is thought to be the class to lead our schools to the state championship in the next couple years, are team in made up of three schools because we are small schools. I love God and as of now im still 14, Im still a freshman. Live life praising God. God bless.

My view of the world today as a christian is that we are a sinful people and we need forgiveness from our father God, without him as are center to our life's we are nothing. God sent us hear to spread his words and his command. Even though I struggle to keep Gods command I know that forgives my sin I ask for forgiveness he will give it to me. Because he gave his one and only son to die for a sinner like me. I am different in my path of Christianity because when I am down or I am straying off the path of righteousness I know im saved through Jesus Christ who died on the cross for us his people who strayed away from him. God gives me the power and strength for every day when I am weak I turn to God. He always points me in the right direction and teaches me everything I need to live. He teaches me the ways of living for him and even though I am sinful I try to follow his ways everyday.