Alex Trainor

I have held a number of positions in government regarding health care, among them at the Centerss for Disease Control, the Public helth Service, and later as a staffer on Capitol Hill.

Americans are already starting to see the benefits of health care reform. The new law requires health insurance companies — starting in September — to end their most indefensible practice: rescinding coverage after a policyholder gets sick. In recent days, after the Murray Waas story, insurers have rushed to announce that they will end rescissions immediately.

That is very good news for the thousands of people who each year pay their premiums but lose coverage just when they are likely to run up medical bills.

The insurers decided to act quickly after they were whacked by some bad publicity. An investigative report by Reuters and Murray Waas asserted that the nation’s biggest insurer, WellPoint, was targeting women with breast cancer for fraud investigations that could lead to rescissions.