Dr Alex VanDeWalle, D.C.

Chiropractor in Austin, Texas

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Dr. Alex VanDeWalle's clinic is in the MOPAC and FarWest Blvd. area, across the street from the local HEB and specializes in short term care for your neck and back pain. He has taken care of thousands of individuals and athletes since beginning practice in 2003. Current and past patients have included individuals who were part of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Texas State Women’s Soccer Team, German Bundesliga, Mountain Bike National Champion, Team doc for the Austin Aztex professional soccer team as well as many other local area teams and athletes. He currently is the team chiropractor for the World Famous Texas Rollergirls.

Dr Alex is directly available for any questions or consultations through the link above or can be contacted at his office 512-474-0700.

Pain specific information can also be found at drvanblog.com

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    • VanDeWalle Chiropractic Group
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    • Parker University