Alex Venarchick

As a talented guitarist and lyricist, I create music in my head – I hear it - I play it - I write it. I try to perfect everything I do; I am a virtuoso. I plan on being the best; I am determined. My motto is to never give up; I am stubborn. I have a clever sense of humor; I am a lively person. I overcome personal challenges in life; I am strong. I take it upon myself to be honest and to do the right thing; I am truth.

My Gibson SG - Personal Artifact

The artifact that I hold very dearly to myself is my guitar. Because playing my guitar is very calming to me. It helps me relax and forget my day. It also helps that I'm very good at guitar too. The guitar gives me a certain escape that makes me feel like a better person. Without the guitar I would most likely be too stressed to be a good person. Each guitar has its own meaning, like a person has its own personality.

This is a picture of my artifact at work. It has a very smooth sound, it has a good color and shape. In my opinion my guitar, the Gibson SG Standard, is one of the best guitars you could possibly have. Angus plays a Gibson SG, Page plays a Gibson SG, and I play a Gibson SG.

"The split between Axl and I was a quiet one. But ... it got built up into this monster that led to a kind of animosity that wasn't the focus for me. Neither one of us wants to be down each other's throats for no reason. At this point, I'm trying to put it to rest."
- Slash

Slash's statement is meaningful to me because it really explains the chemistry between him and Axl as they were breaking up Guns N' Roses. A band has a responsability to put of their fans first. They have an obligation to the music, not the life style. In the end Slash chose to go down the right path and change his life for the better. Axl should have been a better friend to support Slash and his decision.