Alejandro Fierro Vidal

For a long, long time I thought years were tearing and wearing my spirit but, then I realized after many good-byes and losses that it was exactly the other way around: The longer I reasoned with mother experience, the younger my mind and spirit were begetting a fruitful life. Love scented my actions. My poise was governed by respect. Friends became sacred.

I was born in a beautiful beach border town in the Caribbean, a prosperous city that remained too small for my incumbent vicissitudes. Away from my beach town as a teenager, life would be painful and filled with solitude for almost five years, away from my friends in a distant and very cold place above the Iztaccihuatl and the Popocatepetl.

I was born again at 20. Another beach town. 1989. Playa del Carmen. Life wouldn´t be the same. Every day was like a movie. A movie that could be a tale of too many countries in one beautiful white sand beach with magic and surreal nights. Surreal. Money came. Assholes abounded and life changed. Now I had to wear shoes. Playing my bass with my friends and their bands was no more a custom, it ceased to be taken for granted. People left, good and cool people left. Horrible people came and stayed, superfluous and shallow horrible people from every corner of the western world.

A decade before now I discovered a trait that would keep me in a nice niche, away from the change and in the deep. In the depths of the ocean I would continue to pursue the meaning of an amalgamated existence with livelihood, all in one. The trait? Changing people´s lives. Channeling people into being one with untampered nature, marine nature, marine life, the life we were before we learned to crawl.

Losses still haunt me. The past still reminds me the path I must follow: Self-respect and respect for others...and understanding and love. The past will never be wrong. The past will always remind me nothing is for granted and, if I was to have something beautiful the best I can do is to enjoy every second of it. I thank the past for giving me such experiences that with pain for loss will always encourage me to enjoy the present, thus paving the path ahead with a peace of mind and awe for the future.

Always love.