Alex Wagner

Alex Wagner is a third year law student and aspiring media critic.

Fishbowl DC's Betsy Rothstein is refusing to apologize for racist remarks made about Jennifer Lee, a White House fellow and Special Assistant for Community Engagement at Veterans Health Administration.

Lee was named number 25 on the Hill’s “Most Beautiful” List.

An exchange among a panel commenting on the list went like this when they got to Lee.

Piranhamous: Casual staircase.

Peter: I’ve been instructed not to touch this one.

Eddie Scarry: “The doctor is in”? Okay, but only if she’s wearing a glove.

Betsy Rothstein: Mi so horny?

Betsy Rothstein-- That’s Betsy as in Fishbowl DC editor Betsy Rothstein, who made that last racist remark.

As Media-ite points out, this is part of a disturbing trend of “casual racism” targeting the Asian American community. From the offensive and wrong names of the Asiana pilots aired by KTVU to the recent “Asian Girlz” video to the “chink in the armor” comments in a discussion about Wendi Deng on CNBC, its part of a disturbing pattern.

Fishbowl DC prefaced its discussion with this disclaimer: Warning: To the easily offended (you know who you are) you might want to skip this because we won’t apologize.

And so far there’s been no apology from Fishbow or Rothstein, although in the archive of the discussion the remark by Betsy Rothstein has been changed from “Mi so horny” to “I wonder what kind of moisturizer she uses.”