Alex Wikstrom

Westby, Wisconsin

It's good to be back but I have had a few challenges . While in prison I learned a lot about what I can become and have new desires and goals. Overall I really want to live near my daughter who is now 6 years old. I am through trying to take shortcuts, not only am I unwilling to take that risk but am also morally against some of my previous shortcuts. It's too late for me to live in the same house as my ex-wife and our daughter but hopefully I can become someone they are proud to know.

After I get back on my feet and can afford some classes, I would like to become a software developer. Through my skills, previous employment, and education you can see I am very interested in computers and while on that path I hope to help pay for college for my daughter.

  • Work
    • Fair Shake Reentry
  • Education
    • None!