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Alex Willard

Student in Saint Cloud, Minnesota

Hi! I’m Alex, but you can call me Al (if this bad joke went over your head, just keep reading).

My love of traveling started with my mother. She would take the family on her business trips and turn them into family vacations. My mom is cheap, but dang it, she’s a great multi-tasker. She instilled in me a passion to try new things and experience life through travel.

Since I became old enough to work, I’ve been spending most of my money of two things, traveling and going to college. I have been working on my degree for the past eight years (no, I am not a doctor) and in May 2016, I will receive my bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism from St. Cloud State University. Finally!

What will happen after, I have no clue. Whatever it may be, I will be traveling and writing about it to share with others.

When I am not travelling or going to school, I am playing music, listening to music, and expanding my vinyl collection.