Alex Willcock

Alex Willcock

Collective understanding will soon be possible in a way that is unimaginable to many today.The future will bring with it a pool of information that is made fromendless droplets of each and every one of us, of every single aspect of our selves and our experiences.

This ever-expanding pool of data about our being, our knowledge, our experiences, will become the fuel, the method and the conduit through which our lives will eventually develop.

The field of vision we will eventually have will be a window onto and into a limitless warehouse of life … from which can be built a garden of never ending possibility.

I believe that through this new lens we will discover that we have been living within a world of the illusion of separateness; a world where we have allowed ourselves to be deceived that each of our experiences is a separate path.

What if we were able to understand that separateness, as we had understood it, was simply an expression of a lack of understanding?

In my view, it will be new layers of data, and the analysis and innovative use of it, that will create a shift that eventually will be able to wake us up from the sleep that is our conscious self and stretch our beings into the expansive reality of the connectivity of life.

To think then that technology is in some way removing us from the essence of who we are, that it is creating yet another step away from the beauty of life, is to my mind, to fully misunderstand its true purpose.

Technology simply provides us with a doorway to a new form of understanding, an entrance through which to begin to appreciate, experience and truly understand.