Alex Wright

Musician in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Alex Wright

Musician in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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UPDATE (08.05.2015): New single 'ONWARDS' is available now. All proceeds will go to Canadian Mental Health Association.

Purchase 'ONWARDS' here:

I write, record and produce music in my own little, humble apartment studio where I live with my girlfriend, Sara. The Wax Girl is my primary creative project.

Over the years, music has brought me many wonderful experiences, including: touring Canada coast-to-coast, appearing in a film, and meeting some amazing people.


"'Anosmic' is a 5-track EP of gorgeous post-rock ambiance."

"This magnificent Canadian band has crafted something extraordinary."

"Remaining true to expectations of post-rock while discovering a unique tone and personality can be challenging for any musical group. The Wax Girl has accomplished just that with Anosmic. Ephemeral and grounded, other worldly and meticulously designed, Anosmic is a treat for all post-rock aficionados."

"With a strong debut like this, I cannot wait for more. Alex’s composition for these tracks make it easy to interpret multiple stories from the album, depending on the listener, and its tales are unforgettable."

"The talent is there, the effects and textures are all there, the production value is certainly there, I cannot think of a single thing I don't like about this EP."

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    • Trebas Institute