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Alex Robinson


Alex Robinson is an A-level Student, planning to attend university this September to study Chemical Engineering. He has extensive skills with IT and media alike, having produced media for a number of companies and establishments including Contagious, Chessington Evangelical Church and Hinchley Wood School's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Alex has extended experience working in teams and organising both people and events, as well as advanced technological knowledge in computing and electronics.

He has excellent practical skills with software systems, quickly learning the basics professional pieces of software such as Hysys and also the more advanced features of Microsoft Office, Sony Vegas Pro 10, Photoshop and much more.
He also has a strong understanding of hardware and hardware/software interfaces having configured home networks with remote access and storage and a personal media streaming system.

For more information, please see his full CV HERE.

Alex currently works for The King's Centre as a Graphic Designer and Media Producer.

  • Work
    • The King's Centre