Alex Wu

New York, NY

Hello! My name is Alex Wu, and I am currently a Sophomore at New York University majoring in Economics and Mathematics with a minor in Business. This semester, I am studying abroad at the University of Firenze in Florence, Italy. I look forward to applying to law school after my undergraduate studies, and am especially interested in corporate and patent law.

In an effort to familiarize myself with this field, I accepted a 12 week internship program in the summer of 2012 in the Private Wealth Management sector of UBS, which was named America's Top 5 Wealth Management Firms by Barron's. I researched and applied various investment opportunities through the stock market that maximized return on investments while updating financial portfolios that had already been created.

In the Fall of 2012, I began to develop my interest and understanding of law as I took up an internship at the Attorney General for the New York State's Office. Here, I was in direct contact with the Attorney General in which I was involved in vetting those who met with the Attorney, drafting papers and speeches that the Attorney General would use, along with risk management and calculation.

I hope to further foster and encourage my interest and future career, and would love an opportunity to develop myself even more.

  • Education
    • New York University