alex pryor

heyy:) well i am alexx. i enjoy films and photography and hope to be in one of those fields career-wise. i have a bad habit for reality tv and eating crappy foods. i never go a day without watching some sort of tv show or film. i love my is like my life:) every morning is the same routine...get up and straight to the computer...its before everything! i love making films and am constantly thinking up new ideas for some. i love taking pictures of people, although i am rarely in front of the camera myself. i get passionate and obsessive over things and if anyone disses something i love...they will regret it hahah. some of my favourite films of all time include; 10 things i hate about you, narnia, speak, thirteen, maria full of grace, i am sam, remember me, panic room and billy elliot. tv shows; gilmore girls, supernatural, that 70s show, glee, friends, skins, keeping up with the kardashians, the oc and many more. okaay big bio over. all in all, not that fascinating buuut hey, life is good:)