Alex Yap-Dubois

Holliston, MA

I would describe myself as world traveled, open-minded, and conscious to emerging social trends, but let’s skip an inflated introduction and get it out there: I'm not perfect... yet!

Sure, I may come across as an unmasked superhero, ready to fly your business to the realm of double-digit growth and 90% market share, but behind these hazel eyes, I’m but a mere man; a man with bubbling potential, searching in earnest for his true calling.

Those who I've had the honor of working with may consider me a determined and well-rounded individual, in which case I would happily agree. But my nose wouldn’t grow if I said I still have plenty of things to learn. Nevertheless, you'll learn that I'm quick to admit my failures and strive to replace my rusty spots with diamond plating.

My professional interests encompass business strategy, financially sustainable solutions, and efficiency. My personal interests revolve around creativity and the surreal, and these passions seep into everything I do, in and out of the workplace.

An affluent lifestyle is everyone’s goal, and yes, I would enjoy driving to work in a gold plated Lamborghini. But my true ambition is to be happy, and by surrounding myself with other talented and motivated people who share a yearning to go beyond the limits of reality, I know that I can live a bountiful and fulfilled life.

My name is Alex Yap-Dubois, and I cordially invite you to reach out to me.

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and International Business