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Aleyn Smith-Gillespie

One of my passions is finding ways to improve the world through business innovation and technology.

I am fortunate in being able to find an outlet for this in my professional life. As an Associate Director at the Carbon Trust I work with companies and organisations to both improve performance and the environment.

I am particularly excited by working at the intersection of business strategy, innovation, and sustainability. Over the past 14 years I have had the opportunity to work with great clients across Europe, South America, and Asia (where I spent several years in China). Topics have ranged from market growth strategies and proposition development, through to business model innovation and change management.

Prior to Carbon Trust, I worked for over five years at management consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton (now strategy&), and have also held positions at market consulting firm BDA in China, and environmental consultancy ERM.

Outside of work, I am a School Governor and try to keep up regular training in Chinese martial arts (taijiquan and xingyiquan), as well as outdoor swimming in all seasons. I also enjoy cooking and testing out new recipies on my wife!

You can find my occasional musings on Twitter (@aleyn), and you can connect with me on LinkedIn.