alf lee

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I collect stuff.

There's no particular thing that I go all out crazy for, you know, that I spend silly money on that I can't justify to my wife.

If anything, I collect collections. Anatomical models, industrial dials, milk bar signs, the skulls of small mammals, music (analogue and digital), monogrammed hotelware, Mexican Day of the Dead figures. I even have a pets for Jesus collection.

I'm a grazer. Which kinda makes me perfect for advertising.

I pick up interesting thinking from here and there. I gather stories, fables and oddities. I watch the way people behave, their foibles and prejudices. I look for insightful connections, links that will lead me to creative ways to solve problems.

Email me for a copy of my CV which includes my brand experience, referees and awards. Or search for me on LinkedIn and take a look at my careers. (Yes, I've got a collection of those, too. Along with working as an advertising creative I've been a video editor, 3D animator and corporate communications manager.)

Toodle pip. I look forward to hearing from you.