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Indonesia : toko belanja online murah promo heboh jual barang hanya rp 1 - through online media, where the following review closely related to alfamart, and if in case readers are loyal customers should alfamart you should review thoroughly article: cheap online shopping store, selling goods Promo excited only Rp 1, - this from the beginning to the end of a paragraph of this paper as a reader knowledge about the latest service alfamart.

Alfamart - as native Indonesian people of course we all know very well by Alfamart ie as one of the leading retail spending in Indonesia is always growing and active role in serving the Indonesian people's desire to meet all the needs of daily essential goods by shopping at alfamart, and since presence, alfamart always provide a variety of types of goods that are generally required by Indonesian society by setting a price that fits as well as friendly service alfamart slogan is "satisfied shopping, fixed prices".

And of the year during the development of these outlets, retail chain mini alfamart be the best in its class even with the passage of time, alfamart subscriber growth continues to rise sharply and it also continues to expand its retail network alfamart already available almost throughout the country and even recorded throughout Indonesia in 2013 alone there were 800 retail more successfully developed with the aim to facilitate the public in shopping goods stores alfamart.

However, it is now a challenge alfamart gets more complicated, because in an era of increasingly advanced information technology and berkembaang, many enterprising businessmen menggencar or extend the reach of their business through online networks (the Internet) or called an online store, as a result many of them consumers are also turning to online shopping store is cheaper than offline stores as existing outlets with more time efisiensitas main reason, of course, the best mini network alfamart must also be able to take advantage of this opportunity, as a result alfamart also managed to bring e-commerce site bebasis flagship What we know today as : toko belanja online murah promo heboh jual barang hanya rp 1 - ie a web site online store that

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