Loyda Alfaro

Loyda Alfaro

Loyda is an experienced real estate investor who's passion is helping people in need.

Because of her passion for helping others, Loyda is also known as the "Concerned and Caring Investor". Her commitment is to help as many American homeowners who are facing foreclosure and are upsidedown on their mortgages through Short Sale investing. If you are upside down, behind in your Mortgage, going through financial Hardship or facing foreclosure, Loyda Alfaro Can help!

In 2005 Loyda had a life changing experience when she faced what many homeowners today are facing; she was laid off from work, while pregnant with her 2nd son and found her-self being traped. When she thought things were temporarily and though soon to recover from what was a very hard and painful experience, she faced the worst part after her and her Husband separated. She was left with 2 kids and a house she couldn't pay and felt loney & desperate as well as terrified to face Foreclosure action. Loyda was able to recover from this terrible experience after she met Agent Daniela Jones "Neoteric Realty" and Daniela's Mother the "Queen" of Short Sale Investing Valarie Scott, who came and took action, they helped alleviate the stress she was going through by Purchasing Loyda's house and saving her from Foreclosure. With over 10 yrs of Mtg experience she has, Loyda soon started working with Valarie. Loyda has found a mission and a call to help others get through the most difficult times in their life. Through helping others by living in difficult times she feels blessed." And I have been a constant example of how you can help those in need by working hard. You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus: 'It is more blessed to give than to receive" Acts 20:35

Loyda Says :"It Feels Great helping people by lifting financial burdens off those who are facing foreclosure, or owe more on their house than what is worth and feel trapped in this losing situation by purchasing their properties; or even work with those who want to just simply sell a house for any reason. There are thousands of investors you can work with, but how many bring a genuine concern for you and your family? Don't take chances, call someone who will understand your situation and who can actually do something to help avoid Foreclosure simply because they care. Call me (301) 500-7656.

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