Miguel Alfaro

Most known in the exile as the painter of Cuba, its landscaping and countryside,
this Cuban born Artist became Miami, U.S. resident since 1999. He graduated from the Inter-American Commercial School of Drawings and Arts at Havana, Cuba on 1965 and from the School of Plastic Arts, Vedado, Havana on 1973.
His first step to fame was when he became artistic vendor at Havana
Cathedral Square. He also has painted the activity of the Cuban country and Cuban Peasants (Guajiros) during the harvest of Sugar Cane or what it’s called “Zafra” using impressionistic and realistic styles with incredible vivid colors. Had his first important exposition on 1970, where he was awarded with the First National Place in Poster Design, Havana, Cuba. He has been recognized as one of the best landscapers of Cuba since 1971, became National Graphic Designer in Cuba since 1974 and Teacher of Plastic Arts since 1985. He has had four important International expositions in cities like Barcelona, Spain and Paris, France, and was the Artistic Director of Art of Freedom Gallery located at Calle Ocho (8th St.), Miami until year 2009. On year 2010 he decided to administer not only his own career, but to help another ten Floridian artists and opened the successful Internet Gallery-store Alfaro and Toledo Art Gallery.

He has received many Awards like "Landscaping National Prize" in Cuba. In U.S.A. he has been awarded by Cuba Nostalgia Gallery-store, The Kiwanis Club of Little Havana, the League Against Cancer, Big Five and Rotary Clubs, by the National Association of Hispanic Public Administrators, Award “Cuban Mosaic”, twice Award Winner of First Prize at the Municipalities of Cuba in the Exile Fair and finalist at The Hispanic Heritage Kleenex Contest, U.S., 2009. Last Year 2011 he was chosen to appear in the Book “Hispanic Art Expressions 2011” and front page of “Welcome to Miami and the Beaches” Magazine. He has done many Murals and important jobs for great Companies like Ocean Bank and Goodwill (2012) and he is helping Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital by donating a percentage from his sales at eBay: Miguel Alfaro / Category: Art.

On this Year 2012 he has been chosen by the Jurors of "Art Takes Times Square" contest to appear together with the bests artists of the World at Times Square Billboards and in "Art Takes Times Square" Book with the best artists of the Year.