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Alfa Stampi

Established since 1986, ALFA STAMPI, is specializes in the design and manufacture of moulds for the production of rubber and plastic components for the industrial market.

Having achieved and maintained the quality system certified ISO9001 accredited since 2008 we are proud of our ability to solve complex problems with plastics.

Every year we design and produce about 700 moulds in square or round sizes, from 100 mm to 1700 mm in different kinds of steel, intended for the 70% to the Italian market and the 30% to the abroad market.

ALFA STAMPI manufacture different types of moulding such as: injection, compression, injection-compression, transfer, and for capillary and cold-runners injection for the production of a wide range of gaskets and rubber articles such as O-rings, membranes, fairleads, frames, bellows, suction cups, washers, grommets, sealing rings, valves, bushings, sleeves, rubber-metal bushings, etc.

Recently we expanded our production in the construction of moulds for plastic and LSR.

We can help you with:-

- Rapid prototyping

- Mould testing

- Chromium

- Tempra

- Stamp or laser marking

- Manufacture in small quantities

- Sampling of the final articles for approving design concepts

- Product development to establish a manufacturing programme which will satisfy all aspects of customer specification.