Al Fawwaz N.G

Martial Artist, Psychology lover, and Book Worm in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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I'm Fawwaz from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I live in Riyadh, my country's beautiful capital.

I speak Arabic the language of my Holly Book the Quran, English the language i learned a lot by, Japanese the Language i studied hard and i enjoy speaking, reading and writing and Finally, not much french the magical language i love and wanna learn.

Reading is one of my favorite things to do, a book is the best companion during my day, Aikido is my life style and i love to travel and got to know lots of people from everywhere.

I have a huge interest towards anything related to psychology and self-improvement, especially if it's about hypnotherapy, EFT or mental development.


Well i listen to anything good, Rock, trance or jazz..

I have a special interest in anything tactical...

That's all for now..