Al Fawwaz N.G

Al Fawwaz N.G

Everyday passes give you something or take another, life might adds to you or might take away something... and it's all our choice either we chose to accept the lose and fight back towards whatever we dream of, or surrender and miss a great opportunity to get stronger, wiser and calmer against whatever we might encounter. Life is full of lessons and experiences for whomever is aware!!...

Fawwaz from Saudi Arabia. ♡Arabic is my native language, the language of my holy book The Quran.♚English is the language i learned a lot by. 💮Japanese the language i enjoy speaking, reading and living , and not much French, the magical language i love and wanna learn. 🔽Aikido is my Lifestyle and philosophy. 🚩 So into Reading, a book📖 is my great companion during my day. I enjoy Photography📷, Music🎸, Travel🍹, philosophy conversations and anything related to computers and high tech. 💾💻📡🎲 I always had AND HAVE a great interest toward NLP, EFT, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and anything related to psychology and self improvement.

P.S I have weird interest toward Sniper Rifles & guns 😍...

About Music!! Well!! (R&B, Rock , Trance, House..etc) I like good music of any type.

That's all for now! 😉feel free to ask about anything at anytime.

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