Alf Herigstad

I grew up in Olympia Washington on a small farm since the age of 7. I was the oldest, having a brother and sister also.

Among all the things I have been in life; pig farmer, carpenter, ostrich farmer, welder, fence builder, salesman, real estate agent, truck driver, garbage man, etc., etc. I have always been a writer of poems and stories.

From an early age, being Norwegian was my "super power". I eventually found the spiritual path of my ancestors and became an Asatru Gothi.

Everything in my life culminated when I was chosen as a participant on the Norwegian reality TV show; Alt for Norge. I traveled to the land of my ancestors and had a life altering, soul changing experience. Life has never been quite the same since.

I currently live back in Olympia Washington, back on the family farm, and I am loving life.