Al Flemming

Through adolescence I set my sights as high as I could by purposefully choosing the schools I attended, concentrating on academics, music and after-school activities, as well I sought out supportive role models. My enlistment in the Air Force taught me integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all I do. After an honorable discharge, I earned a Bachelors of Fine Art in Visual Communications and an Associate of Art in Business Administration. I have also earned a diploma in massage therapy as well as being a certified life coach.

As a life coach, I creatively help people to better themselves and to pursue their passions and goals. Al know how to help you live a fulfilling life because I am doing so myself! I believe that everyone can live the life of their dreams regardless of what they have learned from their past and society. I combine everything that I have learned to do the best that I can whether I am coaching, working, being a dad, creating art, or singing with my band.