Alfonso Zetina

Artist, Photographer, and Small Business Owner in Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, México

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Greetings! I’m Alfonso,

Artist, traveler, bohemian, dreamer, philosopher and businessman.

Right at the moment, I am running an artistic project that involves aesthetic. I aim to draw 1,000 pairs of eyes from different places around the globe in a trip with a huge taste of improvisation.

Before mid April you will find me drawing, cooking, painting or photographing architecture and other themes; reading Jules Verne, walking down the alleys and plazas, collecting postal stamps or watching epic movies. Nonetheless, I can be away for long time in the search of new routes, antique items and activities, creative projects, strange rocks, rare fish, wine & jazz restaurants, interesting plants and unexplored nature.

I am a person who´s always joyful to make new acquaintances and talk through the night. I have a passionate and interesting approach from the old school and belong more to the night than the rest of the day.

  • Education
    • International Business Bachelor at ITESM