Alfonso Giuliani


I’ve trained and practiced as an antitrust lawyer in Brussels for 5+ years. At some point, I decided that the "big law firm" career track was not what I really wanted. When I quit I had no idea what I was going to do. Scary. But, after one year of experiments, I'm slowly tapping into a new world of opportunities and I've started to work on a challenging and exciting dream: becoming a professional opera singer.

So, I am currently training with an incredibly talented vocal coach (also a tenor). In addition to my singing training, I do some vocal coaching, copywriting consulting, and provide personal assistant services for a business owner.

I am a visionary thinker with a vivid imagination, obsession for learning, and pronounced emotional intelligence. My greatest enjoyment comes from exercising my ‘idea muscle’. I get fired up when it comes to discuss philosophies, theories, or concepts, and how they can be translated into something realistic and feasible.

I take time to ‘edit’ my ideas and I love finding original and meaningful ways of communicating my intuitive insights. I refuse to be stifled by traditions or trapped by routines. I bristle when someone says, “We can’t change that. We’ve always done it this way.” I am most often preoccupied with what I can do and refuse to be distracted by what I cannot do.

I shine when I am surrounded by big thinkers (futurists, philosophers, artists). I am always looking for opportunities to establish genuine connections and find great mentors who can inspire me and teach me valuable lessons.

My main interests lie in opera singing, product design, business strategy and communication, technology, science and innovation, writing, and transformational coaching.

I love hiking mountains. I love infinite spaces.