Adams Actor

Los Angeles, CA

If you envision admirable ideas and work.... then you should probably bring them to life, and if no one is looking then so what?

Here's a Valentine's Day Poem( It's called "This Moment"):

I was waiting for you... for this moment.

I re-invented it a million times in my head:

Us, parked near the ocean coast at the cast of dark

As fluorescent reflections of the moon shed our spotlight.

The stars twitch and twinkle like ballroom dancers, from the borders of our atmosphere into our hemisphere;

In-sync with those sparkling eyes and smile on your face.

Seized before deceased, I captured the scene;

Granting me an open window to fondle your lush breasts.

My vision blurred as your head fell back and eyes rolled.

I'll stop it there so the feeling never ends;

may this head change never go away;

and the moment never fade away.