Alfonso Izquierdo

Valladolid (Spain)


So.... What I am interested about?

I'm passionate about music , and I create my own songs. Some of them are part of Curioso Periplo, a band/collective full of artists (music, dance, painting...).

I'm a fanatic of education, I think we can do it way way better, and that's why I take part on . I am also a private teacher (maths, even english sometimes, despite of my spanish accent :) )

I'm completely engaged with digital businesses. I started my own online shop selling triathlon and hiking equipment three years ago (, now closed). But sooner or later, something new will come... ;)

I used to show here what I have done in my life( jobs, NGO's, marathons... And all those cool things :P ), but actually you have my LinkedIn / Twitter (see below) pages for that.

MOST IMPORTANT: Just drop me a line if you are interested in music, education or digital businesses!! It will be a pleasure to talk with you.

  • Work
    • Private Teacher
  • Education
    • Computer Engineering
    • Master in Digital Business