Alfonso Nocedal

Teacher, Photographer, and Interpreter/Translator in Mexico City, Mexico

Language Instructor, Photographer, Blogger & Podcaster I am just a simple man with his feet on the ground, with lots of dreams and logical ambitions. I overuse ellipses and love music to the extreme. A giver before a taker, a fixer more than a breaker and a really good friend if allowed. I love to make people smile, and I have a terrible memory, I love the sound of violins and cellos, I enjoy looking at the stars and the moon. I normally stand up for my very own ideas but if you prove me wrong I will admit it with no resentment. I'm a very passionate person and I find it difficult to detach from people and stuff. I'm constantly looking for opportunities to grow in the professional and the personal level.I've got thousands of unfinished business and hundreds of truncated projects, but I'll get there, I promise. I enjoy the little things in life and good company always rather than being all alone. I'm Single with 2 lovely kids and living in Mexico City... "I'm not expecting to grow flowers in the desert, but I can live and breathe and see the sun in winter time..." BC

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