Alfonso Valencia


ViceDirector of basic research at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) and Director of the Structural Biology and Biocomputing Programme.

Director of Spanish Bioinformatics Institute (INB-ISCIII)

Biologist by training with formal training in population genetics and biophysics (U. Complutense, Madrid 1982), Ph.D. in molecular biology (U. Autónoma, Madrid 1988) and postdoc in the group of Chris Sander (EMBL Heidelberg, 1989-2004).

Use of computation for the analysis of large collection of genomic information with particular emphasis in the study of protein families and protein interaction networks. In this context

Method development in different area of bioinformatics, from comparative genomics to text mining. Recent work focuses in the area of cancer genomics, with the development of computational tools for the analysis of individual cancer genomes.

Founder, current member of the board of directors and elected Fellow of the International Society for Computational Biology. He is elected member of the European Molecular Biology Organization, founder member of the Science and Art “e-biolab” and “estudioSymbiotic” initiative and Professor Honoris Causa of the Danish Technical University DTU.

Executive Editor of “Bioinformatics”, published by OUP

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    • biologist originally, bioinformatician the rest of my career