Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez

Professor, Researcher, and Public Speaker in Huelva, España

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This is an area of a professional nature, related to my academic work, and, therefore, fundamentally linked to my teaching and research interests. To know more about them, please visit my padlet (click here).

My main professional interests are:

-To be useful to others and society, as much as possible.

-To be recognized for an unchallenged reputation and gravitas as a serious scholar.

-To work for a university/higher education institution where merits, professionalism and forward-thinking are its core values, genuinely focused on real needs/problems/challenges, where high-level academics, as free thinkers, can fully use their time adding value through teaching and researching, instead of wasting time on politics, worthless bureaucratic meetings and administrative duties with no value for the society. Am I looking for a utopia?

Within this framework, I am open to considering new opportunities for professional and personal growth.

My main teaching/research interests are in the Strategic Management discipline and in the tourism industry.

The field of Spanish-Portuguese Business Cooperation is also part of my research interests.

  • Work
    • University of Huelva
  • Education
    • University of Seville