Alfonso Velis Tobar

Alfonso Velis Tobar is a graduate of The National University of El Salvador and holds a Masters degree in Latin American Literature and Theatre from Carleton University in Ottawa, where he has respectively taught Literature and Spanish Studies.

Selected work includes:

Desde un cuerpo de mujer (From her body within) 1983

Poesia Colorada (ColouRed Poetry) with Joaquin Meza – 1985

Los Dias y la Guerra (The days and the war), a compilation of poems (late 70's - early 90's)

Between 1985 and 1987 with Joaquin Meza and Rafael Mendoza he was co-editor of the weekly publication Los Cinconegritos (Diario El Mundo).

He is a past winner of the North American Poetry Competition hosted by the National Library of Poetry of Maryland (Beyond the Horizon – The Sound of Silence).

He's been included in the Anthology of Salvadorian poets Poesia a Mano (Poetry by hand) for which he was also asked to write the prologue.

He has collaborated with Alfonso Quijada Urias in Esta es la Hora (This is the Hour), a compilation of poetry and narration by Salvadorian author Alfonso Hernandez (Mexico/Nicaragua - 1989).

Alfonso is the founder and co-ordinator of the "Literary Workshop Alfonso Hernandez" in London where he currently lives with his family.