Student and Youth leader in Johannesburg South, South Africa

Greetings, I’m ALFONZO KENNEDY. I’m a student living in Johannesburg South, South Africa. I am a fan of education, food, and sports. I’m also interested in tea and bible studies. You can hire me with a click on the button above.

My love for the field of education arose when I myself was still a student, struggling to find committed and ambitious educators who would dedicate their lives to Making OUR South Africa a better place for all to live in. Furthermore, my interest would have always leaned towards commerce subjects, regardless of what I taught my destiny was. The love and passion I display now and aiming to showcase in my future endeavors with subject specialization in economics is immense.

I truly am Alfonzo Kennedy KING, and my teaching philosophy is: "I don't only teach to deliver Content, but I teach to Inspire!"

Over the years I've also increasingly became aware of the importance of getting a mentor as well as being one to the youngsters in Africa. This ideology of having someone to ask questions and learn from personally helped me on my journey to becoming an education enthusiast, holistically in my daily doings. To improve on this, I certainly do wish to complete my degree and further my studies on human behavior and how our environment and the people around us influence what we become in the future both as South African and Global citizens.

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