Alfred Boyd

I build ideas first and learn ways to make the ideas work in Visual Media. I am inspired by the creative process, from HTML5 and web design to altered conceptual advertising photography. I work at putting creative twists in places where they are unexpected to be found. My outlook toward my clients is democratic; creating for a small start up businesses is as equally important to me as my published work in Time Magazine, The Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun and various European fashion magazines.

To balance the work I do in the digital world, I clear my mind with eclectic pastimes, including sailing, wood sculpting, furniture design, fusion cooking and historical research. I am a "child-like adult", a blessing by which I can be what I am and feel fulfilled following my passions. Every day is like learning how to ride a bike for the first time. I have never needed an alarm clock. Ideas I conjure in my sleep awaken me to an early breakfast of creative challenges that sustain me throughout the day.