Alfred Culbreth

Alferd T. Culbreth’s entrepreneurial vision has contributed to the expansion of telecommunications, satellite, and computing technologies worldwide. Beginning his career in telecommunications as a Technical Engineer for Telex Computer, CEO Alferd T. Culbreth gained valuable experience and an intricate knowledge of computing equipment, from mainframes to computer chips. Alferd T. Culbreth’s multi-faceted repertoire of knowledge has earned him recognition in his field, and his entrepreneurial ingenuity has led him to launch several thriving companies that provide valuable telecommunication services across the globe.

Alfred Culbreth would go on to AT&T in Miami, Florida as a data network consultant, where he placed in the top one percent of the sales force from 1997 to 1998. For the past 12 years, Alfred T. Culbreth has drawn upon his entrepreneurial acumen to form a succession of full-service telecommunications organizations

Then Alfred Culbreth founded APWC. The original vision Alfred Culbreth always had for APWC was too aggressively grow by M&A, thus causing exponential Revenue growth and leveraging individual brand awareness. Our main goal if this transaction is successful is to capture revenue and offer our current brands at a much lower price point. Although we are currently under a confidentiality agreement as it relates to this M&A, we can disclose the following details.