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Alfred Neuhoff

Prior to joining Boscobel Area Health Care as an emergency room doctor, Alfred Neuhoff, Jr. MD served as a family practitioner at medical centers throughout Wisconsin, working for the Ministry Medical Group, the Rhinelander Medical Center, and other health care organizations and facilities. Alfred Neuhoff, Jr. MD maintains his professional development through membership in trade groups like the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Wisconsin Medical Society. As an active participant of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), Alfred Neuhoff, Jr. MD belongs to a nationwide network of nearly 95,000 family doctors, medical residents, and students. AAFP member Alfred Neuhoff, Jr. MD benefits from access to the organization’s database of immunization resources, practice-based research, and clinical prevention services, as well as subscriptions to leading medical journals like the peer-reviewed American Family Physician and the Annals of Family Medicine. Through the AAFP’s CME (Continuing Medical Education) Center, thousands of doctors connect with up-to-date professional development courses available online and in other forms. Learn more at With the Wisconsin Medical Society, Alfred Neuhoff, Jr. MD maintains involvement in the state’s largest association of doctors. Possessing 169 years of history, the Wisconsin Medical Society serves its members, by providing them a voice in key legislative issues, connecting them with some of the latest health studies, and encouraging and undertaking public outreach. Alfred Neuhoff, Jr. MD and more than 12,000 other constituents of the Wisconsin Medical Society receive eligibility for a range of insurance programs, including health, dental, and life, and take advantage of a career center sponsored by the Wisconsin Council for Medical Education and Workforce. Read more at