Alfredo Delgadillo

Student, Project Manager, and Small Business Owner in Mexico City, Mexico

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'"The Success consist on get what you wish, the happiness consist on enjoying what you got" As a Mexican, I have been raised to place family above all else. Family values, loyalty, and duty are values that have been stressed in my family and I share. Relationships with friends are equally important. Having close friends you can count upon is key to being successful and happy in life. To have good friends you have to be a good friend. For friends I always base my ideas on words that my grandfather always tells me “ Unfortunately Friends Can Be Just Counted with the Fingers”. Being kind, compassionate, dependable, and trustworthy are a few of the values I believe. I am also persistent in what i want. If i want something I go for it no matter the risk. Math and economics are areas in which I excel. I am a motorcycle enthusiast. Motorcycles has been my hobby that I most enjoy. Basketball was a big part of my life for 12 years. I could coordinate the team’s efforts and lead the team on the court. I’ve long been a musician recently I’ve picked up the piano and strive to master it. My hobby as a horologist is limited more as a collector, but the hobby is a passion of mine. Play chess is also something that I enjoy. Its a game where you mentally compete to win. To finish I have tastes for fine food and good fashion. Always like to try new things.