Alfredo Flores

Monterrey, México

22 years old. Professional in the IT industry. Mobile apps are in, so I make them... Also, I like making them. I love web design, graphic design, sketching and anything creative really, which is why I recently took a job as a Creative Director. I think that title is quite fancy, by the way, I don't mind bragging about it. I absolutely adore independent cinema and it is my dream to write/direct (maybe even act in) a film at least once in my life, I do like commercial cinema as well (especially campy horror, A.K.A. Friday-the-13th-ish stuff) but indie dramas are very high on my personal scale. I daydream way too much, WAY too much. I would love to live in New York someday, but for now Monterrey will have to do. I'm originally from Chihuahua, and I love that city, and I love my family and friends there. I like shopping (clothes, mostly). Oh, I am also somewhat obsessed with someone named Danielle Panabaker, but not like that, she's just ultra pretty and acts really well. I did meet her once.

  • Work
    • ApliMóvil
  • Education
    • Monterrey Institute of Technology