Alfredo Garrote


Alfredo was born in Madrid. However grew up at the west outskirts of this city, in Pozuelo de Alarcon. By that time it was a small village which grew up at the same rate he did, till merge with the city.

Despite of that Alfredo attend to elementary and high Scholl in Colegio Lourdes located in Batan. He was moving around two different realities upper and work class of the city

He enrolled Escuela Univesitaria Técnica de Ingeniería Aeronáutica below to the U.P.M. on 1999. After 5 years is granted with a scholarship to do his final research program at Techniche Universitet of Munchen, Germany, for one year.

He came back to Madrid in 2007 and started to work for EADS international programs (A440M and EFA) at Customer Support and Supply Chain areas.

Dance, Travelling, Reading, Writing and Triple A (Aerospace, Architecture and Anthropology) fed the engine!