Alfredo Requena


Freelance Photographer born in Maryland and raised in Venezuela, I've been working on my pasion for Photographs, Love taking Photos, I now reside in Massachusetts with my beautiful family, Loving New England;

My Passion for Photographs as many of you, started as a hobby shooting family and vacation pictures but with the time i noticed that I couldn't go out with out my camera.

As much I like and enjoying shooting pictures my passion is blended with the editing work, for me go out and capture images is like collecting flowers and the editing part is like make all the beautiful flowers collected into a beautiful arrangement.

I just starting with this passion and I have long way to go and a lot to learn, but i'm not rushing myself, i'll take one step at the time so I hope you enjoy with me this beautiful ride.

Thank you for visiting

Alfredo RequenaI hope you'll enjoy this New England Family Journey with me...