Alfredo Zapata


I am a motivating, effective National Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Equipment Consultant. With a B.A. in Nutrition and over 27 years of experience in the Fitness field, I have honed his ability to create successful individually tailored plans for each of his clients. From an early age, I found physical activities, such as playing soccer, training in martial arts, and weight lifting, exciting and satisfying. Wanting to share this passion with others, he earned his B.A. and simultaneously worked hands-on managing a top gym in Mexico City. While further developing his winning techniques, I established himself in Southern California as a top trainer. Through constant refinements and updates, I built a philosophy and plan focused on developing overall personal awareness, balance, and strength. Today, I work hard helping people stretch toward their dreams and achieves their goals. I mission is to share his wealth of knowledge and experience. His desire is for people to become fit and happy with them as they build a healthy new lifestyle.

  • Education
    • Colegio Nacional de Educacion Professional Mexico
    • Bally’s Total Fitness (Personal Trainer Certification) A.I.F.E (The American Institute of Fitness Educators) Perform Better F
    • I.S.S.A (International Sports Science Association)
    • The Sport Connection Santa Monica (P.D / P.T Certification) 24 Hr. Fitness (Personal Training /24-5 Certification) FUTURE FIT