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Alfred Rabinskas

Columbus, Georgia

I want to become a team member at a web related company in a capacity where my skills fit. After I resigned from my former job in 2007, I needed to go on disability; my muscular dystrophy had worsened, and I needed the financial help. However, this gave me extra time to enhance my skills in web/graphic design and web programming.

With some financial help from my parents, I was able to go back to school in Summer 2009 and complete an Associates in Arts Degree and Certificate in Information Technology; I completed these in Summer 2010. I did some website work for customers, both before returning to school and after; I have kept my skills sharp.

Shortly after I returned to school, my father was diagnosed with cancer. He lost that battle in early 2012. My wife took a transfer to Columbus, GA; we moved here partly to be closer to my mother and sister, and partly as a much needed change.

I have more than eight years’ experience as a Technical and Customer Support Professional with experience in troubleshooting hardware and software issues. I have worked in company support and call centers as well as a local computer shop. I possess a unique set of strong problem solving skills, excellent communication skills, which work together to help resolve issues effectively. I quickly learn new software, have experience with researching issues, and the wisdom to escalate an issue to those with more expertise. I am knowledgeable in a myriad of computer related subjects, including hardware, software, graphic design, and web programming.

  • Work
    • Currently Stay at home dad to two fur babies
  • Education
    • State College of Florida