Alf Rehn

TKU, CPH and airport lounges globally.

I'm an academic (a chair of management, no less) and popular culture geek. For whatever reason, this has turned into something of a career. I consult, write, pontificate, speak, advise, sit on boards (on the board of a billion dollar gambling company, chairman of a super ad agency, a few start-ups and so on) and dispense awesomeness (or whatever) and the occasional (OK, frequent) acerbic comment. Somewhat strangely, doing this has at times seemed to help companies find success, and helped people get on to whatever the next level is for them. No, I don't really know how either. Anyway… Get in touch and rock on.

  • Work
    • Åbo Akademi University
  • Education
    • Stopped counting after my PhD, actually.