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Al Fuentes


Mental Coaching is not life coaching or counseling, it is a system that uses the physical body to improve the way the brain functions. Just like the mind can affect the body, the body can affect the mind, you just have not been trained how to do this. For the first time in history, there are techniques that have been scientifically developed using the physical body to regulate the chemical (emotional) body with measured, tangible results. This allows you to stop your brain from firing in a fear based or stress based way. This gives you ultimate control over your thoughts and emotions, whether they are long term programmed thoughts or short term "in the moment" thoughts. Control that takes your performance to a whole new level!

Based on 17 years of research and development, the system has proven results with Pro Athletes, Business Executives, Actors, Musicians and many more! The ability to help so many different types of people is a testament to how effective the system is.

The best part about these techniques is that the foundation is built off of two things you do every single day: breathe and visualize. These simple yet profound techniques have allowed thousands of professionals to learn how to regulate their mind by using their body.

Learning how to control the brain is as simple as learning how to throw a football. It just takes the right techniques and then, practice. There is no magic to it, you just have to put in the physical work; people know how to do that! Typically, the reason why people don't want to work on the mind is because in the past it has involved talking about their problems. This gets the negative feelings all stirred up only to have someone tell them, "Just let it go." If they could just let it go, they would have done it already. Instead they leave feeling no resolution because they have been given no tangible way to dissolve the problems.

My system isn't about discussing problems, it's about training the brain how to fire the way you want it to. It is about getting results, it's that simple!