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Al Ghifari

Musician and Wedding Video Editor in North Kuta, Indonesia

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A graduate from English Department, Universitas Padjadjaran. A bassist, pianist, guitarist. Is exploring career as a session musician in various bands. You can visit "Alunan Irama" and "Sky Sucahyo" on Youtube and Soundcloud to hear some of it. Currently live in Bali, working at Nobacklog, a video editing company specialized in wedding films. Writing songs as well as works of literature like short stories and poems, listening to music, strolling around the town to taste an assortment of cuisine, as well as collecting music albums and books are some hobbies of mine. Should you need any necessity with me, please refer to my contact info. Thanks!

  • Work
    • Nobacklog
  • Education
    • Universitas Padjadjaran