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Algimanta Ščiglinskienė

Project Manager and Small Business Owner in Lithuania

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I was born in 24.06.1962, in Lithuania.

1980-1985 graduated Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Chemistry and Biology.

1991 -1996 Owner and Consultant in Private Company "ALKERA", international marketing.

From 1997 Director of Alytus Business Advisory Center. Already 18'th years expierence.

From 1999 member of Lithuanian Association of Adult Education. From 2007 - LAAE Board Member, Alytus Land Department Coordinator. Chairwomen of the Council of Alytus city municipality of Adult Educational Strategic Partnership Platform.


1999/EU PHARE Credo/“SME support and development institutions for business information, consulting and training Alytus /LT/and Suwalki /PL”/;

2000/EU PHARE SPF/“Joining of activities of municipality institutions and SME associations in Alytus county for integration into EU”/. (LT/PL);

2000/PHARE Accsess /“2-end Regional development congress in EU”/ (LT/ PL);

2001/PHARE SPF/“Days of young technicians of Suwalki”/(LT/PL);

2001-2007/“Improving business conditions for Alytus SME companies through extension of information services”/;

2002-2003/PHARE ACCESS/ “Alytus region social services sector development by increasing business activity for integration into EU”/(LT-PL-SE);

2003-2004/PHARE ESC /“Upgrading of wood processing specialist professional skills ..”/ ;

2005-2006/PHARE 2003/"Increasing Potential of Economic Growth in Activating Tourism Sector through Development of Creative Industry and Creative Clusters in Regions of LT and PL”/;

2006-2008/Interreg III A/„Competency Development of Business Management and Cooperation“/;

2010-2011 LT/PL /“Alytus BASC and ARES Suwalki Cooperation Development Of Young Entrepreneurs Capability .....,”/ ;

2010/LT/PL/“E-Cooperation - Innovative Clusters./ http://www

  • Work
    • Public Institution Alytus Business Advisory Center
  • Education
    • Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences