Algonquin Jones

Brooklyn, NY

Hey! I'm Algonquin Jones.

When I introduce myself people usually say, "Algonquin? Like the hotel?" I usually shake my head. And I've never been to the hotel even though I live just across the river in good old Brooklyn, New York. It's not Algonquin like the native american tribe either. Or like the round table that was held in the hotel. Or like the book publishers though maybe one day I'll be associated with them. As a matter of fact, the closest ties I have to famous things called Algonquin involve a large hunk of rock in the Adirondacks. Algonquin Peak is the second to tallest mountain in New York State, so more than a hunk of rock I suppose. I've seen it from the top of the tallest peak. That's my connection. Maybe one day I'll climb Algonquin Peak too. Take funky pictures next to the signs that say Algonquin Peak on them. One day...

For now, I'm a locksmith, novelist, sculptor, dental assistant, and experimental psychologist (which is much farther from mad scientist than it sounds.) I live in Brooklyn, NY, where I write, break people back into their houses, create art out of soda can pop tabs, clean people's mouths (at times), and run statistics for psychology graduate students. My passion is writing and I'm currently seeking agent representation for a number of the novels I've so far completed.


Feel free to email me if you think I can hlep you with something, if you want to see some of my work, or if you have an artistic challenge for me! My unofficial motto is "Challenge accepted!" so challenge me!

  • Work
    • Novelist
  • Education
    • Brooklyn College, CUNY